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Virgin Plc provides the complete environment for legends, professionals, returning veterans and ambitious rookies; continuing to expand and recruit team players, who value community, opportunity and purpose. Whether you are looking for your first player corporation, the thrills and spills of the big fleet, or nullsec sovereignty whilst you recover from your hiatus, there is a position for you here.

Our NRDS (not red, don’t shoot) policy makes us different to other coalitions in 0.0 space, in that we welcome neutral pilots who wish to explore and seek their fortunes in peace, provided they follow the rules. This ‘good for the game’ policy requires continual policing, so we are continually looking for more pilots of the right calibre to help us maintain blue skies over Providence.

Of course, we also provide all you would expect in regard to NPC ratting, mining, industry and exploration. All we ask is that you participate, enjoy yourself, and when the bugle does sound, you willingly step up to the plate.

We will recruit players of all standards, age group and in any timezone. Our situation enables us to offer sovereignty in nullsec, massive fleet operations, and smaller roaming patrols, several times a day for those who love to PVP.

But its not just about the PvP! We also offer the very best environment for explorers, miners and industrialists at all levels, particularly those who wish to invent and set up their own production activities. Our experienced leadership team is newbro friendly and always willing to help.

  • Active, friendly and supportive community
  • Coalition and alliance fleets around the clock
  • Comprehensive Buyback – We can offer you Jita Prices for all you mine or find
  • PVP Ship Replacement Programs at corporation, alliance and coalition levels
  • Intel channels providing continuous updates of hostile ship movements
  • Jump bridge network throughout region
  • Anomalies and cosmic signatures within fully upgraded systems
  • Mining in industrially upgraded systems
  • High yielding Planetary Interaction
  • Exploration of the most lucrative of Relic and Data sites

*Full API check required

If you value community, opportunity and purpose, and want to feel part of a team, please apply for membership either in-game, or via the recruiting tab on the main menu.

Thank you for visiting.