Virgin Plc

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Virgin Plc provides the complete environment for new, experienced and returning players. Whether you are looking for your first player corporation, the thrills of nullsec or the security of sovereignty whilst you recover from your hiatus, there is a place for you with ‘The Virgins’.

Feel heart pound against chest as you fly among the fleet, led by some of the most competent fleet commanders in the game. Defend your space, ready to ‘call for reps’ immediately if it’s you that becomes the primary target.

All-out war is an ever present threat, therefore we are always on the look-out for new corp-mates to support and lead the team in every discipline. Join us, and be part of a corporation which values its pilots, among a unique and well established coalition of alliances fighting to protect the right of free passage.

We will recruit players of all standards, younger, older and in any timezone. Our very special situation enables us to offer sovereignty in nullsec, massive fleet operations and smaller roaming patrols, several times a day for those who love to PVP.

But its not all about the violence. We also offer the very best environment for explorers, miners and industrialists at all levels, particularly those who wish to invent and set up their own production activities, and our experienced leadership team is always on hand to help.

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* Coalition and alliance fleets and small roams around the clock
* PVP Ship Replacement Programs
* Intel channels which provide continuous updates of hostile ship movements
* Jump bridge network throughout the region
* Full Coalition facility access
* Ratting in belts, anomalies and cosmic signatures within militarily enhanced systems
* Fleet Mining in industrially enhanced systems
* High yields from Planetary Interaction
* Exploration of the most lucrative of Relic and the most challenging of Data sites
* Support and feeder channels for new players

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